Are You a Master at Being Creepy?

Are You a Master at Being Creepy?

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Are You a Master at Being Creepy?


As creepy as it sounds, you are followed around the internet every day. Brands are capturing how you interact with them and then showing you content based on those actions. Brands that choose not to do this kind of marketing are missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

“On average it takes someone seven times to interact with your brand before they make a purchase decision.”

Let’s walk through what normally occurs. You may have a facebook ad that leads people to your website. A small percentage of those people actually click on your ad and make it to your website. Once those people make it to your site, they likely do NOT make a purchase, and move on to never see your brand again.

What this could and should look like is a full funnel to continue to stay in front of people. We refer to this as a campaign strategy. It takes a true strategy to have a follow up plan. The best news is, this can be (and should be) AUTOMATED. Below you will see a full strategy we created for one of our clients. This is customized based on their specific needs.

If you want to see what a campaign strategy could look like for you? Simply schedule a zoom meeting with us below!

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How I Am Personally Marketing My New Business

How I Am Personally Marketing My New Business

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I personally started a new business. If you know me, you may not be surprised by that. However, I wanted to use this specific example as a “put my money where my mouth is” situation. In the weeks to come I will be putting a blog on our website at greenfox.io to share with you step by step what my successes and failures were in marketing my own business. For now, I will leave you with the very first thing I did. I simply made a video. You see, video is SO prevalent to getting people to understand what you are all about. In the video below, you will see that I am trying to show people that in the industry of Real Estate, I am going to offer the following:

High Quality Marketing
Be Fun To Work With
Work Hard
Be Unique In What We Do

I accomplish all of this in a matter of a two-minute video. To accomplish this project it took the following from me personally:

Script Writing- 2 hours Filming- 2 hours Total- 4 hours

So for a 4 hour time investment, I was able to present a video that 3 days in had over 3,000 views ORGANICALLY across all platforms. I spent no money in advertising but I did have a plan and the plan is continuing. I will send an update as I go. My goal here is to share with you that I believe in Marketing. Not only because I have a marketing agency but because I will personally do exactly what I talk to our clients about. I will have a plan and see that plan through! The results will be…Well, the results will be in the results.

MUCH more to come, but for now, enjoy the video by clicking the button below!

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The Answer To Consistent Marketing

The Answer To Consistent Marketing

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Yesterday, we talked all about how being consistent is an issue in our world. Today, I want to give you very practical things that will help you not only be consistent but to think with the long term in mind!

1. Create a marketing plan

In most cases, marketing is a long term game, much like generational wealth. You can’t just start something and magically make money, you have to plan! So, you need to create a marketing plan. You need to write down and know the following:

Target Audience The message to that Audience The media you will use to reach that Audience The lead capture system The lead nurture system you will use Your sales conversion strategy How you will repeat all of this consistently

2. Understand the Life Time Value of a Customer/Client

When talking to clients, we like to refer to this as the LTV of a customer. LTV stands for Life Time Value. So, we want to know what is the Life Time Value of a customer or how much we will make from that one customer, over time. Let’s say I own a gym. At my gym I am running ads on google and Facebook. I don’t know how to do this myself, so I am paying this amazing ad agency I heard about called GreenFox Marketing. I’m paying them $2500/ mo which is quite a lot for my small business. However, I know the numbers to look at because I know what the LTV of a customer is. At my gym, on average people pay $100/mo for a membership, plus they get sports drinks a few times a month and they add on additional classes once or twice a month so their total per month averages out to about $150/mo. On average we have seen people cycle in and out about every 2 years due to moving or just being tired of working out. So we take 24 months times $150/ mo and we get $3,600. So, this month at my gym, because of GreenFox, we brought in 10 new clients. Now, this month I’m only going to make $1500 ($150 X 10 new clients) but we spent $2500 on marketing. So really, we lost $1,000 right? Well, yes, but no. If I look at it that way, then yes, I have lost money that month and I’m upset about it. But because I understand that marketing is about consistency and the long term game I am able to take my $3600 that I will make off of each of those 10 people over a 24 month period and see that the $2500 investment just made me $36,000. Had I done zero marketing and just been doing my normal thing, then those 10 people would have never walked in the door. So, I would not have spent $2500 on marketing but I also would have brought in $0. So this results in the following: No marketing = Saved $2500 this month, made $0 over 24 months Marketing = Lost $1,000 this month, made $36,000 over 24months Just remember this, most of the largest and most successful businesses you know didn’t make much if anything when they kicked off their marketing approaches but look at them now. (Fedex, Amazon, Tesla, ESPN etc.)

3. Reporting Reporting Reporting

You HAVE to know how your marketing efforts are going. Marketing is not a set it and forget it system. There is no way you can be effective in your marketing if you don’t review the data. At the end of the day if you can understand data and adjust, then you will be ahead of the ones that don’t review their data. Imagine going 6 months without looking at your income and expenses. Imagine going 6 months and not looking into how much money is in your bank. You would never do that, but unfortunately people in marketing and small business owners do this day in and day out. It’s all part of consistency. There is nothing super exciting about reviewing data. However, if consistency is the key to long term success, then simple tasks like reviewing data should not be an option, but a requirement in order to grow! You’ve got this! Consistency is no easy task, but that’s the whole point. Good things and positive steps in business rarely come without consistency! If you need help in this process, don’t hesitate to reach out!

The Fourth of July is ALMOST here! Check out this video production we made at The Harbor on Possom Kingdom Lake a few years back!

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Your Marketing Is NOT Consistent Enough

Your Marketing Is NOT Consistent Enough

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Do you remember being in High School? There was always that group of kids that got better grades than everyone, finished tests faster than everyone, had a better appearance than everyone else and more. There was also that group of kids that consistently barely passed, were the last ones to finish tests and didn’t really care about their appearance. Both of these had one word in common.


Both groups were consistent. On one hand group A consistently did their homework, showed up to school every day, and worked hard to actually learn what they were being taught. The second group on the other hand, consistently did not do their home work, frequently missed school and tried to learn just enough to pass the class. Later on in life, the ones who consistently work hard and stick to being focused, are the ones that magically end up wealthy. Actually, this isn’t Disney World, there is nothing magical about it. It is simply FORWARD CONSISTENCY.

There is a stat that says:

Millennials account for 4.6% of the nations wealth, despite making up the largest population of the work force. Also, in 1989 when boomers were the age of millennials now, they accounted for 21% of the nations wealth.

This translates to the previous generation bringing in 3 times the wealth that this generation does. After observing and researching this, I believe it comes down to the fact that this generation has a major FOMO problem (fear of missing out.) Have you ever done this?

You pop on the social media platform of your choice (for the 12th time today), just to see an old acquaintance of yours that you haven’t seen in 10 years, driving your dream car and living your dream life. You click over to their profile to see what they could possibly be doing to live this life. You see that they wrote a best selling book. You look back and think, “I made higher grades than them in English Class, I’m going to write a book so I can live that life!” So, you open up a new google doc and start laying out your thoughts. You start with chapter one and start writing all the things you think people want to read about. You do this for a few days and feel pretty good about yourself. You then travel back into the social media world during a lunch break just to see yet another friend that sells sports vitamins, driving a new Cadillac and you think to your self, “Self, I can sell vitamins too…” so the google doc goes to the folder with the other dead ideas that never got completed. You move on to making a WIX site for your new vitamin business. I mean, it has been 4 days and your book isn’t finished nor is it a best seller yet, so it is time to move on. Little do you know, your friend, the book writer, went through a season where they tried to start a business, and it failed miserably. They foreclosed on their house, lost everything they had, started over by researching how to flip houses. They got involved in groups of investors, listened to podcast every day, met with banks and lender until finally someone gave them money to flip a house. Their first flip lost them $10,000 and nearly bankrupted them. They tried again, and again until they figured it out. Eventually enough people asked them for advice that they finally decided they should write a book about it instead of wasting all their time giving the same answer over and over. So they started the book writing process and two years later they released the book. Come to find out they created wealth through not only finishing a book but from years of hardship that got them to where they are now. Unfortunately, all we saw was the part where they wrote a book and were suddenly killing it. What’s the lesson here? The lesson is, this is pretty much a daily experience for most of us. The fear of missing out is so strong that we go from one thing to the next trying to get a quick dollar. Very rarely do people find overnight wealth from a good idea. It almost ALWAYS comes from FORWARD Consistency. We are going to make this a two part blog! The practical steps from a marketing prospect are coming tomorrow!

The Fourth of July is ALMOST here! Check out this video production we made at The Harbor on Possom Kingdom Lake a few years back!

The Fourth of July is ALMOST here! Check out this video production we made at The Harbor on Possom Kingdom Lake a few years back!

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Meet Our Newest Client

Meet Our Newest Client

Time To Read: 2 minutes


Nothing is more honoring to us as a team, than when someone chooses us to represent their brand. THAT Flag Company was started by a Military Man, Jordan Dea and is ran by him and his dad, Tim. They are an amazing company that are truly built based on a strong foundation of believing in America and what this country stands for!


1. Creative

Every good brand management partnership starts with good creative! Our team will be producing videography, photography, and graphic design for many pieces of this project, including but not limited to:

Social Media Posts Social Media Ads Google Ads Email Campaigns Website And more…

2. Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is essentially defined as the practice of delivering promotional content to users through various online and digital channels. Our team will be providing just that! We will create and optimize digital ads for platforms such as

Google Facebook YouTube And more…

These ads are intended to point people right to (or back to) the website to potentially lead to a purchase of one of their flags.

3. Social Media Management

Social Media Management for business owners is HARD. It’s the last thing people think of doing, which basically makes it a place to brag about yourself when something really good happens. Well, with a following of over 37,000 people, we don’t want to waste the potential of their captive audience. We will be managing the day to day social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. Our goal is to post creative, high engaging content that will lead the audience to the website to, you guessed it, make a purchase!

4. Being a TRUE Partner

Lastly, we are simply a partner to THAT Flag Company. Yes we are providing the above services, but more than that we are looking out for the best interest of the company as a whole. We will be providing thoughts, industry standards, ideas, and more. Our goal is for THAT Flag Company to feel like they have a full fledged marketing team behind them because at the end of the day, they do!

Last thing! Check out this Behind The Scenes video we made while filming their brand shoot!

Our newest client is a fun one! THAT Flag Company builds the most killer wooden and metal flags you have EVER seen! We are partnering with them to provide digital marketing services including Google, Facebook, and Youtube ads as well as manage their social media presence. The final video from this shoot will be out soon!

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Is Your Customer Service Hurting Your Brand?

Is Your Customer Service Hurting Your Brand?

Time To Read: 3 minutes


At GreenFox, we spend a lot of time talking about what TO do to earn and retain business. You know, things like; have a good social media presence, create a website that is engaging, have amazing design assets like video, photography, graphic design etc. However, one of the most powerful things you can do is STOP.

Stop having bad customer service.

Since our business is literally to work with other businesses, we always ask this question; What is the one thing that makes you better than your competition? Nine times out of ten the answer is the same. Can you guess what it is?

“Our customer service is better than anyone else.”

What’s the problem with this statement? Well, if everyone is the best, then no one is the best. Very rarely do we find out that someone’s customer service is ACTUALLY, the best. In order to get us kicked off to a new, fresh perspective on Customer Service and how to make it, “the best.” Here are


1. Make it Personalized

Try to use people’s names as much as possible
Eye contact
Have genuine conversation
Find something about THEM to talk about (shoes, clothes, car, tattoo, etc)

2. Be Competent

Sometimes bad customer service happens because we don’t know the answer to something, so we freeze up, get defensive, and give short answers. Knowing the answer is always best but when you don’t know the answer, here are a few things to do and not do.

Don’t say “umm”
Hesitation causes frustration, so be quick to say, give me one moment and I will get that answer for you.
Learn as much as you can. If you spend time learning about how many points per game Lebron has scored or the latest drama with the Kardashians, then surely you can spend a little time learning more bout the thing you spend your time doing 8+ hours/day.

3. Convenience is Key

Put processes in place to make it EASY to work with you and your company.
Eliminate frustrating processes
Make information just one click away. If people have to dig to find the solution to their problem, it is not convenient.

4. Be Proactive

Prepare for meetings
Think ahead to what questions you may be asked and have the answer ready to go.
Give your customers and clients an experience they aren’t expecting.
Don’t make your customers have to ask where the bathroom is. Give them good signage to get there.
Send updates on how their account or project is going before they have to ask for it.
Create timelines in the kick off phase of a project.

At the end of the day, if you get the same complaints and hear the same things every day and you are choosing to not do anything about it, that is bad customer service. Bad customer service leads to bad marketing of your business. Let’s all choose to be better this week! 

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