What does GreenFox even do?

Time To Read: 2 minutes “I thought you were a print company.” “I thought you did ads on Facebook and stuff.” “I thought you only worked with small businesses.” “I thought you were for companies that didn’t have a marketing person.” “I thought you just built websites.” “I thought you only made logos.” I’ve had people say all those things to me, and more.

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Are You a Master at Being Creepy?

Time To Read: 2 minutes As creepy as it sounds, you are followed around the internet every day. Brands are capturing how you interact with them and then showing you content based on those actions. Brands that choose not to do this kind of marketing are missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

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How I Am Personally Marketing My New Business

Time To Read: 2 minutes I personally started a new business. If you know me, you may not be surprised by that. However, I wanted to use this specific example as a “put my money where my mouth is” situation. In the weeks to come I will be putting a blog on our website at greenfox.io to share with you step by step what my successes and failures…

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