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What does GreenFox even do?

“I thought you were a print company.”
“I thought you did ads on Facebook and stuff.”
“I thought you only worked with small businesses.”
“I thought you were for companies that didn’t have a marketing person.”
“I thought you just built websites.”
“I thought you only made logos.”

I’ve had people say all those things to me, and more. So many people don’t really know what all GreenFox does, or how we could help them. 

In short – we are a full service digital marketing agency. But what does that actually mean? That means that we sit down with our clients, we hear about what they’re currently doing, we hear about the pain points in their business, we hear about the things that are going well and the things that aren’t going so well. We ask questions about where they want to be six months from now, 2 years from now, 5 years from now. And then we make a plan. 

All of the work we do is custom to our clients, based on their needs, wants and goals. 

What we recommend for an apparel company is going to be vastly different then what we recommend for a luxury gated community. What we suggest for a company that has a product to sell online is going to be completely different than what we suggest for a company who just wants people to know about the service they have to offer. 

The plan that we create with our clients is one that has many different channels leading to one place. We want to create as many opportunities for people to hear, see and know about our clients as possible. Think of it as a neighborhood. The house is your business. We want to create several roads that lead to your house. The more roads there are, the more people can get to your house. But those roads will look different for every company, because each company is unique. 

Once the plan is in place, we execute. Simple as that. 

“But I already have a marketing person!” Great! Our most successful partner clients are ones that already have a marketing director. We come along side this person and help them excel at their job. We bring a full team behind this individual to help them get results for your business. 

So let me ask you this. 

Do you have pain points in your business? 

Chances are, you said yes. And if you didn’t, I want to get to know you better because I am sure there is a ton I can learn from you! 

The reality is, most businesses have pain points. Let us step in and help with those pain points. Let our team think outside the box for you and come up with a creative plan to help solve those pain points. Reach out today to schedule your free consultation! 

Ready To Schedule A Meeting With Us?

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