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Barefoot Campus Outfitter

When the Barefoot + GreenFox relationship started in 2017, neither of us realized the power that was to come in partnering together. Barefoot Campus Outfitters is an incredibly unique college apparel brand that has traditionally had an amazing in-store experience for college students around the U.S. Barefoot came to GreenFox with the desire to make their online experience just as amazing as their in-store experience. To accomplish this, we partnered together to launch a refreshed logo, developed a new user-friendly, selling machine of a website, and began creating specific seasonal campaigns that were partnered with a cohesive advertising plan. With all of these assets and channels working together, the Barefoot brand has seen major growth, not only online, but in-store as well.

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 Brand Refresh

Part of building a brand should consist of keeping the brand fresh. Barefoot was in need of some light changes to their logo and color schemes, as well as defining their brand fonts for consistency.

 Campaign Development and Management

Each of these campaigns were developed by our creative team to ultimately result in driving online sales. Our team created the concepts including all graphics, landing pages, e-mails, digital ads and more. The results speak for themselves.

Black Friday Campaign

• Increased Site Traffic by more than 14,000 views

• Increased Sales by more than $67,000

• Increased conversion rate to approximately 5%

Social Graphics

 Web Design-Build
The biggest challenge with the largest reward has been the development of the current Barefoot website. This brand was previously on the Magento platform. While Magento is a go-to platform for retailers, it was not user friendly enough for this brand and how they work. We were able to do what was previously described as “impossible,” which is to get this brand with over 50,000 products on the WooCommerce platform. We have successfully made this happen with no speed issues and have seen their online traffic explode.
 Digital Advertising

Prior to working with our team, Barefoot would run social media ads from time to time. Admittedly, they would often “boost a post” and hope for the best. Over the years of our relationship, we have determined the graphic layouts, verbiage, content, and budget that is the most effective for each campaign and the brand as a whole. This results in effective spending and successful results for every campaign.

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