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You’ve Got A Brand, Now What?

You’ve walked the journey of branding this month, but what exactly is the next step? One word: campaign. Campaigns make businesses memorable and, if done correctly, stick with your audience long after an impression or purchase. Turn your brand into a campaign by identifying the goal of your business and what you are trying to accomplish with your brand.

Turning Your Brand Into a Campaign.

First things first, identify the goal of your marketing campaign. What are you trying to accomplish with your brand? There are several steps to choose from depending on where your business is currently at.

1. Awareness: Attract New Customers

Create awareness by attracting new customers. The key is to identify a challenge or opportunity so the audience can realize they have a problem you can solve. Campaigns in this stage should attract users and introduce your brand to a new audience. The goal is to let people know you exist. A common channel to facilitate this is through commercials and billboards.

2. Consideration: Engage Your Audience

Your audience is considering how they will solve the problem they’re faced with. They do so by researching, asking for recommendations, watching product reviews, and trying to find cost-effective solutions. This is where you need to stand out amongst your competition to be considered to solve their problem. Is how you position yourself going to allow them to choose you as a decision or not? If this goal fits your campaign the best, you need to be content-heavy, which includes videos, being product-specific, and blogs that compare your products to your competitors.

3. Decision: Nurture Your Prospects

The solution has almost been found and you want to remain at top of their mind. The goal is to present your prospects with proof of customer satisfaction and why your service should be chosen over the competition. A great way to provide proof without bragging is to let others do the marketing for you. People will recommend if they have evidence it’s worth choosing you over your competitors. Practically, this is done through direct emails, being personal-driven, and, most importantly, retargeting. Retargeting is very important in 2020 and worth learning.

4. Delight: Customer Success and Retention

Retention is more important than ever. Provide an impressionable experience that adds value, empowers people to reach their goals, and encourages promoters of your company. Have a product worth talking about that provides a game-changer. The bigger ticket item you sell, the more personal you have to get. Get people to buy your products versus getting people to let you coach them for a fee. A great way to facilitate this goal is by reporting the success your clients are having, providing free yet desirable branded swag, and having the mentality that it’s all about their experience.


During this time, you need to step up your communication game. When you were in the office, you could walk by someone’s desk, relay a quick message, and move on. Now, we are forced to change our way of thinking, especially with everything being heavily virtual. We have to increase our communication and keep up with it afterwards. To keep your continuous drive for good communication after you return to the “new normal”, make it a discipline and keep yourself accountable by putting structure in place.

If you want to know where you stand online and against your competitors, fill out a form at https://greenfox.io/brand-assessment/ It is a great opportunity to evaluate where your brand stands and how effective it can be marketed by your team.

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