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Who Should Build My Website?

Your website is your digital office, so if you’re going to have one built or revised, you need to make the right decision on who should create it. It’s like having a cabinet being broken; you have the decision to have your handyman buddy fix it or calling in a cabinet expert. It truly depends on what you need. We are going to guide you to discover what is the best option for your business.

Optimized Website

First things first, you must have an optimized website built because your website is your digital office. It needs to have a stable foundation for you to grow into if you’re a new business, or have it keep up if you have an established business. SEO optimization, file compression, and responsive design are examples of what needs to be done on your site. If it isn’t built on the correct foundation, it will likely break or fail.

Standard of Quality

Having a whole business to back you up in building your website provides security. There’s a high standard of quality with an agency, or at least there should be. Most businesses want to keep their name clear and want to stay in great standing. Occasionally, individuals who build websites may not have that same responsibility to hold a certain standard of quality. We’re not saying there is anything wrong with having an individual make your website, but most of the time it’s done as a favor or to help them out, and occasionally the quality may show it.

Economical Option

You are paying for knowledge with companies, which raises the price quickly since they have a whole team of creatives versus one creative mind. It is typically less expensive using an individual for this reason. If they’re efficient with their time, they have more opportunity for devoted time in building your website.

The Agency Route

With the right agency, you get a lot of creative options and the guidance of what is best practice in today’s digital world. They’ll know your brand and make suggestions accordingly. Brainstorming is heavily utilized within companies when you’re assigned a team that continues to study the current trends with websites. You can also research their past work, their different styles, and the different industries they’ve created for. With agencies, you will always be able to contact them. They’re well-established to maintain your website, fix any issues, and make updates. Oftentimes, people already have a website and are searching for a second website revision. They know what they don’t like and are ready to have something better. If you’re in this position, we highly recommend using a team of people; a website development company.

Different industries, different website design standards.

Consider who you’re hiring to build your website. Do you care about being like everyone else? Or do you want to stand out in your industry? For example, the standard for home building websites is getting better. The standard of our generation is raising for a high-quality presence. An important part of creating websites these days is quality photography. The photography on your website should be cohesive, and through a photography brief, it will display your product or services in an elevated manner. The same goes for videography, content, and site navigation.

Making the Decision

To make your final decision on who would be best to build your website, you have to identify your business goals. Make a list of things you want to be able to do on your website, and choose if an individual or an agency can best produce it. We don’t deny that choosing an agency to build or revise your website is the more expensive option, but with it comes a team of professionals that study your brand and industry to make sure you stand out. When there is a difference in quality, there’s a difference in price.

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