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Top 7 Ways to Lead Your Team to Market Your Business

Leading doesn’t stop with your team, it continues with marketing your business. The secret ingredient of organic awareness is to merge the two. Leading your team to market your business is successfully done by implementing and producing things that make the team excited. It is best practice to be authentic for the team to not feel pressured. Get them enthusiastic about your business and create a proud opportunity for your team to be a part of it.

1. Swag and collateral.

Everyone loves to wear the thing they’re proud of. It is apparent how companies spend endless amounts on branded apparel and swag. People are always wanting to get involved, especially when it involves t-shirts. Swag naturally markets your business with your brand on apparel. Consider investing in your collateral too. It is all in the details, no matter what it is. Even something as simple as business cards, they are worth giving out if they make a positive impression. It is a low expense with high gain.

2. Don’t build a staff, build a team.

The more you take an active interest in your employees, the more interested in the company they become. People advocate for what they believe in and feel a part of. When your team feels like they are a part of something big, they won’t be afraid to market your business. Keep in mind that words make worlds, so consider shifting the culture toward a team-mentality.

3. Set small weekly goals.

Create goals the team can get behind and reward them with fun. This shows the organization has realistic goals and everyone benefits from working hard. When the team can see the set an attainable goal that they want to get behind, it helps them feel like they’re a team. Remember that everyone benefits when you’re working hard.

4. Involve your team in creating assets.

When the team sees that they are a part of something, they naturally want to share it. Involve the teammates that helped create assignments by giving them a shoutout or including them in the publishing details. Impact occurs when you involve your team in the creation of assets and processes.

5. Involve your team in your social media calendar.

Be on the front end and let the team know when something is coming out so they have a heads up to help build the business. It is a gentle way to encourage engagement with the company content, whether it’s a like, share, or comment.

6. Radiate positivity.

If the office culture is a positive one, the team is more likely to promote the brand.
Intentionality creates positivity! Instilling hope in the team helps solidify how their work matters. Make it your goal to radiate positivity, to the point where the team instills it before leadership has the chance to.

7. Celebrate client success stories.

Most of the team do not know the revenue of the company, so their interest lies in how they are making a difference. People seek to celebrate a positive impact they were a part of. Communicate the small and large success stories to inspire the team to share.

At the end of the day, you need your team to have the desire to market your business. If they don’t, take a deep internal look and consider these tips to inspire your team. Remember that it is all about creating excitement and building a family atmosphere to enable motivation to share your business.

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