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A Brand Story: Red Laces Cattle Co.

A brand is a connection and perception of a product. It is the emotion associated when a transaction takes place between consumers and the company’s products, services, or brand. We made it our goal to provide a behind-the-curtain look at this brand development process. To do so, we chose one of our favorite brands we helped build from the beginning. After hard work, intentionality, and unique vision, we were able to come alongside Beau Mills to create a brand that truly captured his business. Here is the brand story of Red Laces Cattle Co.

The Background Story.

Born and raised around agricultural California, Beau Mills grew up on the baseball field. His father, Brad Mills, played in Major League Baseball and later returned as the bench coach for the Cleveland Indians. Beau was drafted by the Cleveland Indians from California State University, Fresno. He decided to walk away from the game after he and his wife, Alicia Mills, had their second child. Though it was a tough decision, he knew it was best for him and his family.

The Entrepreneur.

Beau is creative at heart and knew he didn’t want to be stuck in an office following his baseball career. At the time, his father-in-law owned a large dairy farm in California. Beau and his brother-in-law decided to build a custom farming company. After a year and a half, the dairy farm was sold, and shortly after they decided to sell the farming company too. He then had the opportunity to buy a moving company. It started with just a truck, and he grew it for three and a half years into a big storage facility. He had a logo designed and created a brand for it.

Baseball and Bulls.

Beau was always intrigued by Texas. He decided to move from California in search of the ranch he always wanted. His outdoorsman’s heart and desire for freedom that couldn’t be provided before nudged him to sell his moving company. He was introduced to bucking bulls when he was in baseball back in 2009. During this time, he got into buying bucking bulls and having them trained. This is where the inspiration behind starting a business started.

Making It Official.

Beau had a vision for the company from the beginning. He wanted to make it personal and knew people in the baseball world are drawn to bucking bulls. Mills wanted to tie both worlds together in his brand. Though baseball and bucking bulls seem to have nothing in common at first glance, they both require training athletes. He and his good friend, Ryan Shaw, came up with the name Red Laces. Soon after, Beau cast his vision to GreenFox and thus begun the brand development process.

To begin the process, a full evaluation of his goals were conducted. Through these intentional questions, our team gained insight into the direction of his desired brand. We took on the challenge of marrying two things that don’t go together: baseball and bulls. After many revisions, we created a brand that Beau was proud of and reflected his vision. His desire was to have a brand that outlived him, and he is now seeing a positive connection and perception of the Red Laces Cattle Co. brand.

If this inspired you to rebrand or to have a brand created for your new business, consider taking the opportunity to win a Brand Giveaway. We want to hear your story and document the process behind building a brand. All you have to do is tell us your story and why you need a brand or rebrand. Submit your story to brand@greenfox.io.

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