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Brand Giveaway Winner: Valor Game Calls

We have a brand giveaway winner! Micah Smith with Valor Game Calls was chosen to have a rebrand suite done with GreenFox. We got the story on his business, current brand, and what his goal is for this process. Micah states, “This opportunity is huge for my company.” We are excited to document the rebranding process of Valor Game Calls and come alongside Micah to create a rebrand that truly captures his business and sets him up for marketing success.

The (Game) Calling.

Four seasons ago, Valor Game Calls was created. Micah grew up hunting occasionally, but he fell in love with duck hunting when he was taken out by a buddy in 2015. He was intrigued by the different duck calls: what they do, how they sound, how they work. He started looking into the ones that he really liked and realized he could buy all the parts to create them himself. One night, on his back porch, he created his first one. He ordered five to six blanks, turned two, and took it to the office the next day. His coworkers were impressed.

The name Valor originated when he was doing The Armory, an apparel company he previously created and owned. One day, when he went to pick up an order of shirts, he saw a shirt with the word “Valor” on it. The name instantly grabbed his attention. Through this name, he gained a lot of traction with military folk and also desired to represent those in the hunting industry. His vision was to “live a life of valor.” The culture was naturally formed around, “You don’t have to know what you’re doing, but come on anyway.” In duck hunting, you don’t have to be as quiet as you do in other hunting games. There’s so much comradery that takes place because of that.

What gave him traction on social media, was that he turned clear acrylic with grass in it. That one post started his initial selling. He ran his business through a Facebook page for a long time. This was new to him since he’s a pastor at a local church and the hunting demographic was not his daily interaction. This season, he’s discovered a vendor that can place anything on the blanks, which has broadened his customization. Valor Game Calls makes custom varment, duck, and goose calls.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

It can be grueling at times to narrow down your demographic, but you find who you really are when you niche it down to specific demographics. Through this rebrand development process, we are going to create personas, voice and tone, and logo design, including fonts, colors, etc. We plan to do market research to determine Valor’s demographic, more specifically, the target audience’s location, income, age, and more. We will determine who exactly their target audience is so they can put all their marketing money toward them. A voice outside of Micah Smith will be created so that his field staff can have a formal document to say, “This is Valor Game Calls.” We are going to bring the Valor Game Calls logo altogether. Depending on what Micah would like, we will present a new logo or make intentional edits to his current logo. This will all be put together into a full Brand Guide. This will be placed in a PDF form so that Micah can share it with the whole company so that everyone is on the same page about Valor Game Calls.

To begin the rebranding process, a full evaluation of his goals will be conducted. Through these intentional questions, our team will gain insight into the direction of his desired re-brand. We look forward to teaming up with Valor Game Calls and setting them up for marketing success. It is always our goal to create a brand or re-brand that our clients can be proud of and that reflects their vision.

If you’re a business owner or marketing director, we want to invite you to fill out a Brand Assessment at https://greenfox.io/brand-assessment/. It is a great opportunity to evaluate where your brand stands and how effective it can be marketed by your team.

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