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Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars

There is a big misconception on where marketing and advertising companies should be spending their marketing dollars. Often, to a fault, these ideas typically come from marketing companies that are trying to sell a product and do not have an overall care and strategy for the business in mind.

One of our sales people here at GreenFox had a meeting set up with a large car dealership and asked me (Eric) to come along with her, as I have some pretty in-depth experience working with dealerships. Once we arrived, we sat down with a young, go-getter type salesman and the Internet Director who had been doing car sales since I was in diapers.

We explained to them that we partner with businesses to be a full marketing solution to all of their problems. As we got deeper into the conversation, the young salesmen spoke up and said, “how much would it cost to run my personal car sales business facebook account?” I kind of cocked my head sideways and asked, “why would you want us to do that?” He said, “well, you guys are the experts and I don’t have time.” I told him that was a typical response and a main reason people hire us, but I didn’t think it was a good idea for him. He seemed puzzled, but I explained further…

I told him to put himself in someone else’s shoes, to get his mind off of sales for a second and to picture himself buying a car. I said “okay, so you’ve made the decision to make a vehicle purchase, what do you do?” He replied, “I go to car guru or a dealership’s website.” I responded, “EXACTLY! So, the ONLY way to influence people to buy from you would be PERSONAL relationships OR meeting people where they are already looking.” (the dealership website or some VERY targeted marketing through Facebook ads.) Dealerships spend thousands of dollars marketing to get people through the door. Any online personal marketing would actually be competition to the dealership EVEN THOUGH they are coming in the very location you are trying to market.

He agreed that it would be a waste of time and money and we moved on. As we were walking out the door, the Internet Director kindly pulled me aside and said. “I want to thank you for what you did back there. I know he would have pulled the trigger and paid you to run his facebook page and you could have let him, but you didn’t and that means a lot to me that you wanted to see him succeed.”

I share this story to say it happens EVERY day! People walk in, have a product, and tell people they need that product because everyone else has that product. The issue is, not every business needs the same thing. Below you will find a simple success guide to advertising. It is our goal to PARTNER with businesses like yours to not only fulfill the products that you need, but to partner with you in WHAT, WHEN and HOW you need to use it.

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