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How to Support Small Businesses During COVID-19




With the uncertain season COVID-19 has imposed among us, many small businesses are forced to limit their services, in an effort to avoid spreading the disease. GreenFox has a heart for helping our fellow business owners. Times like these can either push us apart or unite us through supportive measures. Our team is choosing to support. We’ve created a list of our best tips to support small businesses during this time.

Call-In and Pick-up Orders

Let’s be honest. Most of us were not cooking every single meal of the day, so why start now? Help small restaurants in your town by continuing to make food orders. It will look different now since you won’t dine-in, but you can still enjoy the delicious meal with your family. Turn it into a picnic if you want to change the scenery that dining-in provided. Ultimately, you are supporting small business owners and helping in lay-off prevention.


Buy Gift Certificates to Use for Later

If you know of others who are struggling financially, consider providing them with a gift card from a small business. This helps small companies through the cash infusion during a hard time. Think of it as a no-interest loan you provide the business. And if you give the gift certificate to someone who needs it, you end up helping more than one person.


Shop Online

Some small businesses that are not considered “essential” are being forced to close their doors and resort to online only. Shopping online is the only way they can make sales. If you’re able to financially, consider shopping online for items you’ll need in the coming months. Think ahead, like birthday presents, special occasions, etc. Purchasing now will alleviate small businesses during this season.


As the Employee 

If you work for a small company, now more than ever, your company needs you to step up. You can support small businesses by being more efficient, productive, and reliable. Provide even better service especially since business will be slower than usual. Find ways that you can go out of your way to support the small business you work for.


Checking In With Business Owners and Employees You Know

This season brings a lot of uncertainty to small companies. The unknown of when this will all be over or how long the recovery period will be can have business owners and employees worried and anxious. Reach out to those you know and offer an encouraging word, ask how you can help, and support them with your business.

Remember that COVID-19 is bearing a unique financial burden to the small businesses in your town. Consider these tips to support them and their employees. Just because we are instructed to practice social distancing, it doesn’t mean we can’t unite and support each other. Let us know how you are supporting small businesses during this time!

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