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The best way to succeed in digital marketing is through digital campaigns. It promotes your current business initiatives through a branded strategy. This week, we want to share the success of utilizing what we’ve covered this month with digital marketing through digital campaign case studies. We will be diving into one of our favorite partners: Couto Homes and Equity Depot.

The Couto Standard

One of our favorite things about Couto Homes is that they are a business that pushes collaborators to be the best. They have high standards and expect those who work with them to have high standards too. GreenFox and Couto have had a long-standing relationship that started with the need for video production. Since then, we have partnered together to manage several campaigns, parts of their brand, and, most recently, a custom web design and build. Couto Homes has always been a strong brand in the communities they serve. We came alongside Couto to develop a holistic approach to their strategy through branding, web design, campaigns, and digital advertising.

A Brand Refresh Can Make the Difference

Part of building a brand should consist of keeping the brand fresh. Couto Homes was in need of some light changes to their logo and color schemes, as well as defining their brand fonts for consistency. We helped institutionalize their brand and brought it all together by making light updates and helping them determine who they are. They already had a high reputation and just needed their advertisement and digital traffic to line up with it. We came alongside them to further develop their brand. Something to learn from Couto Homes is that you need to solidify your brand by discovering your target audience and creating personas. Because we manage this brand, it has been a smooth process for Couto Homes to simply communicate what they need and receive it back, on-brand, with the quality they expect. One of the best ways for a company to portray their business is driving a moving billboard. Couto came to GreenFox with the dream of wrapping 14 brand new ford trucks to portray their new, fresh brand. The goal was to carry their brand in a way that represented who they were in a way that did not affect the integrity of their strong, bold brand. Before you put in the work for digital campaigns, you have to have a well-developed brand.

An Online Presence Worth Noticing

We developed an online presence that finally matched this home builder’s quality standard. Often, businesses struggle to make their online presence line up with the quality and standard their business or product actually produces. We have had the honor of helping Couto Homes match the standard online to the standard you experience when you walk into a Couto-built home. By far, the largest project we have worked on with Couto Home has been the build of their website. Couto has a lot of elements to their business that needed to be portrayed online in a beautiful way. We were able to work with their team to come up with a stunning website that showed off the captivating homes they build, who they are as a company, and a custom way to present the homes they have available to be built.

Digital Advertising with Intentionality

Digital marketing is the number one place to see tangible results of the work that has occurred with a brand. We are proud of the results that we have seen in our partnership with Couto Homes. The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to digital marketing. We were able to guide Couto Homes to reach the following:

  • Increased web traffic by 81%.
  • Increased organic traffic by 32%.
  • 174% Increase in Conversions.
  • Digital Ads Received 400% Increase in Impressions.
  • Digital Ads Received 14,650 Clicks, a 1008% Increase from the Prior Year.
  • From May 2019 to April 2020, the Couto Homes brand was seen online nearly 2 million times.

We optimized Couto’s SEO by running regular technical audits of their website and we determined traffic potential with keyword discovery and maintenance. We also worked to develop strong, high-quality content written for their audience and search engine friendly. Due to a large amount of time spent by their demographic on Facebook and Instagram, we chose these social media platforms where ads would be run.

Equity Depot

Equity Depot gives homeowners a hassle-free and stress-free option for selling their house or property for cash. It is a quick and easy solution for homeowners because Equity Depot specializes in purchasing distressed homes when the homeowner needs to move fast. GreenFox developed a partnership with Equity Depot when they needed lead generation campaign guidance. At that time, their marketing strategy was traditional, consisting of mailers and door-to-door advertisements. They didn’t have a digital marketing strategy in place to capture leads. We built their website for the purpose of lead generation, along with the development of a rebrand.

A Unique SEO Strategy

The Equity Depot team likes to spend all of their ad budgets in one week of the month, and it’s working for them. We are thinking about testing this method out with other partners. The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to digital marketing. We were able to guide Equity Depot to reach the following:

  • Digital Ads received 2,200 clicks.
  • Digital Ads received 100,000 impressions.
  • They are above the 2.7% industry average conversion rate at 3%.
  • Total Leads were 67 for August.
  • Equity Depot is sitting at a 2:1 ROI

Bottom Line

Identify what you need in this season for your business—digital marketing matters. Make sure you have a solid brand foundation to build your digital strategy. Use analytics to know what works and what doesn’t so you can be successful. It is not a “said it and forget it” deal. Digital marketing is an ongoing process that takes intentionality. If you want to know where your business stands against your competitors, take our brand assessment, so we can guide you to success.

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