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If you have a second, I have something to say to you!

Yes, you! The person who is in sales, marketing or owns a business! I want to offer you something truly unique!

FREE 45 Minute Strategy Session + $1,000 Custom Marketing Plan for FREE

Our BEST offer Ever!!!

A 45 minute session that could change your business forever!


For A Limited Time ONLY 

We are literally GIVING you not only our time but our knowledge about your exact business! This is not something you can find anywhere. Sure, everyone is offering “free consultations,” those typically go like this…. 

THEM: Thanks for coming to our free consultation. Here is a list of what we offer.

YOU: But wait, you haven’t even heard my pain points yet.

THEM: Yeah, but have you seen all the businesses we work with? We are pretty awesome.

YOU: Yeah, but I need to generate more leads. I currently get leads but I would like to see how I can be more effective in this area.

THEM: Okay, like we said, you need to do Google ads, facebook ads, billboards, organic social media, SEO Optimization, Google My Business Management, re-design your website, make a video and the rest of the things that make us money…That’s what you need!

YOU: Okay, well that sounds expensive and difficult.

THEM: Yes but we are awesome so you need to use us, oh and you need a new CRM but we will add that on later in the contract. Are you ready to sign up?

YOU: I guess. Maybe?



If you are in need of any type marketing, I recommend checking out GreenFox. Traditional marketing has changed, and unless you have someone keeping up with these changes you are missing out on reaching the full potential for your business. Speaking from experience, they have great customer service and a very personalized approach at conducting business.

Jeff Finn, Finn Properties (5 Star Google Rating)


AMAZING COMPANY!!! They truly have the very best customer service I have ever come across. They care about their customers and go above and beyond to help. Very quick at responding and super fast turn around! Thank you!!! 


Brenda Rosas (5 Star Google Rating)

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

How is this strategy valued?

We are GIVING you what we have CHARGED over $1,000 in the past for. Clients of ours have literally thought so much of our strategy that they are willing to pay for it. This is not “superficial” value. This is a real line item on our clients invoices.

“This one meeting could literally change your perspective on marketing forever and a change of perspective is often worth more than a product or service can ever provide you!”


You Still Think This May Be A Waste Of Your Time…How About We Add On A


Our Guarantee To You: Listen, we believe in this strategy session so much that if you don’t come away with anything of value, we will give you $100 cash, no questions asked. So let’s recap the offer you are getting! You will receive a FREE 45-minute strategy session + $1,000 Custom Marketing Plan for FREE and if you don’t find value in our time, we will pay YOU $100 for YOUR time.

These strategy sessions do cost us the one thing that is not unlimited and that is our time. So because of that, we are limiting these to TWO per week. And we book up FAST! We want to make this entire process as painless as possible for you, simply click the button below to see the available times to meet for your strategy session.

P.S. We REALLY REALLY do put in a lot of valuable work on the front end of this meeting so please choose a time and date that you can commit to for this meeting. It’s painless and on zoom so you can be anywhere in the world to have this meeting.

I get it! You are busy and this feels like a huge commitment. Keep in mind you are not committing to anything other than hopping on your computer for 45 minutes for a free session that could change your business forever.

Maybe you are concerned about:


What your boss will say if you tell him you want to spend more money


“it won’t work”


Hearing about how you need to run ads


Wasting time with yet “another marketing company.”

Trust me, I have heard it all and that’s why I am so confident that you will walk away with a slew of value that I am willing to give you $100 if you feel otherwise.

9 TOPICS we will discuss on our zoom call!

#1 What you are doing right

A current evaluation.

#2 What could be improved

Learn from experienced experts.

#3 Overview of competitors

A quick look at the competition.

#4 What may be missing

One change could make all the difference.

#5 A proven strategy 

Tactics change but our strategy works.

#6 Steps to get more leads

A step-by-step guide.

#7 Your deepest fears

We LISTEN to your fears.

#8 Your customers fears

Fears are often why people purchase.

#9 Your future success

A plan for the future.


“I’ve been really impressed with the work they’re doing with all of the small businesses around here, from social media campaigns to contests to all kinds of other things that drive foot traffic. Very creative group. Check ’em out!

Tim Berman (5 Star Google Rating)


Whether you are an established business or just getting started, I highly recommend you schedule some time with Green Fox Marketing! From guiding you on improving marketing strategies to taking over that side of your business completely, they have something special for any size business.

Michelle Scarborough (5 Star Google Rating)

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

P.S. We are driving more people to this offer than any other offer in the history of our company so time slots WILL fill up quickly! 

GreenFox is on a mission to help 100 businesses a year develop a new strategy to get them to their next step. Whether they are a small start up or a billion dollar business, we are here to help!

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