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This north Texas wealth management firm is growing fast, especially toward the westoplex. The father and son led team of Wayne and Brandon Garrett bring experience and innovation as one of the leading wealth management firms in the area. As well, the Garretts are a sixth generation family of Parker County. This heritage is central to the Garrett family. It should be reflected in their brand fluidly. The brand should speak effortlessly, it should seem modern, while at the same time familiar. The Garrett family, staff, partners, and client communities should be able to adapt to this rebrand comfortably.

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This is an awakening. It’s important to find a way to make BentOak Capital stand apart from its traditional flat-lined brand competitors. Speak to a fresh and intelligent personality, one that appreciates independence. The brand should be elevated, yet accessible. It should reach a conservative demographic, it must remain timeless while at the same time be forward thinking.


Maintaining a very tight brand is key. Deviating from the new brand visuals and language could be detrimental to the trustworthiness of the brand which is most important to all community communities. Repetitiveness is good, steadiness is good, consistency is good. Keep composition memorable, in a manner of speaking, unexpectedly expected. This brand is flexible, and can be retro-fitted for any application or season.

 Voice & Tone

The voice of BentOak Capital is confident and knowledgeable with an edge of coolness. BentOak identifies with its conservative clientele, while at the same time remaining innovative as an industry leader. The tone is steady and there is a feeling of renewal. Like the oak tree that sheds its leaves in spring, there is a sense of rebirth with this brand. Consider the characteristics of an aged oak tree. BentOak Capital is independent and strong, as well as efficient and progressive. The brand lends itself well to stand out and remain memorable amongst national competitors. The tree icon is easily recognizable, allowing for nearly instant trustworthiness in recollection.

 Web Design-Build

By far, the largest project we have worked on with Couto Home has been the build of their website. Couto has a lot of elements to their business that needed to be portrayed online in a beautiful way. We were able to work with their team to come up with a stunning website that showed off the captivating homes they build, who they are as a company, and a custom way to present the homes they have available to be built.

 Marketing, Design & Rebrand Services

As part of the logo and branding service, we also coordinated with the client to plan out and assist in strategically launching their rebrand to the public and their existing clients, and even internally to their own team.

 Designed Collateral

VIP box, including the video postcard asset

Coffee mugs

Yeti mugs

All types of stationary


Email signatures

5+ Branded videos

 Digital Graphics

Social media profile & cover images for business & staff

Social media graphics & formula

2 weeks of social media content

Email graphics

Oversaw the development and launch of their website

Rebrand assistance with timeline and strategy

Press release assistance

 Advertising & Media

Designed advertising

Negotiated and/or established contracts with local advertiesers

360 West insert (including zip code selection assistance, narrowing to qualified target audience only)

I-20 Lamar billboard

Luxury Lifestyle Report (Country club publication)

Local publications

 Branded Print Materials

Having high-quality branded collateral was incredibly important to this rebrand. Every item was carefully designed and crafted to ensure high standards were met with each and every piece.

Collateral Created:

Engraved Yeti Cups
Custom Metal Sign for the Building
Letterhead and Stationery
Leather Coasters
Branded Pens
Custom VIP Boxes
High-Quality Business Cards
Coffee Cups for the Office
…and more!

 Professional Videography and Photography

The more realistic and relatable the brand imagery and content, the more your brand will engage users online. Videography and photography were essential to conveying this rebrand in a way that the end-user could relate to. This brand imagery was foundational and used throughout all digital marketing and traditional marketing.

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