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Black Friday and Cyber Monday is an excellent opportunity to push products or services at the end of the year. Get started early to begin stirring interest among your prospective clients and current audience. Promotional messages flood everyone’s inbox and feed during this season. With all of this noise, finding ways to stand out is crucial. Here are a few ways to effectively prepare your business for BFCM.

Digital Engagement

Promote the deals well in advance, so your audience knows what to expect the day of the sales. Place focus on email marketing and social media, both organic and paid. Study the metrics of your social media platforms. It is helpful to look into the ads and posts that have been recently successful in formulating a plan for the days leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Consider giving out exclusive discounts to the audience on your email list. Allow others to join in by promoting it on other digital platforms. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your email list for the business sales funnel. Use a catchy subject line that is not pushy for sales but creates a sense of urgency. This guides the customer to buy the product before they lose it and makes them aware that it can sell out. Place focus on your business’ gateway item, the product or service that sells the most and that customers frequently seek. Flash Sales or lightning deals keep the audience engaged, so consider using them if it makes sense for your business.

Prepare Platform-Specific Content

Create content for each platform you plan to use with your business’s social media strategy. Remember that each social media platform delivers information to your target audience differently. Twitter is geared for public relations, while Facebook is best for brand awareness. The primary for each platform also differs, so be intentional about customizing your content accordingly. Research where your target audience spends most of their time and devote target ads there. Think outside the box. Prepare visually appealing photography or graphics that display your products. In the months leading up to the holidays, people are searching for inspiration and ideas on gifts. Structure your content and graphics in that format, like “Top 10 kitchen items for your foodie” or “5 Items your hard-to-shop-for dad will enjoy.” Write content that drives your audience to it, like blog posts, emails, etc. Drive visual wishlists, recommendations, and product reviews that include your business products.

Combine Retargeting with BFCM Promotions

Retarget past visitors and customers that may be on the fence; this may be the push they need to go all in. Now is the time to use Facebook Pixel if you have it set up. According to Shopify, when you retarget previous visitors on Facebook Pixel, you’ll reach people who may have forgotten about your store and wouldn’t have checked out your sale otherwise. You can also retarget customers that have purchased from your business in the past. It is easier to reach existing customers than marketing the brand to new customers. Previous shoppers will be more likely to be receptive to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Bottom Line

In 2019, Black Friday online shopping sales hit $7.4 billion, which is an all-time high. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a time of sales your business should be a part of. Stand out from competitors with unique digital engagement, platform-specific content, and by combining retargeting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. Following the holidays, reflect on what worked and what didn’t work to adjust strategies for the next year.

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