Campaigns that Last
Brands that Inspire

At GreenFox we create compelling marketing campaigns that realize the brand potential of our partners. We are hired as the marketing agency to establish and protect their voice as we ensure their lasting recognition and validity.

Red Laces Cattle Co.

Marketing Partner

Brand Purpose

Red Laces Cattle Co. has a unique perspective on professional bull raising as Beau Mills comes from a family of professional athletes. This well-rounded and insightful outlook on how to properly train and raise pedigreed yearlings gives them a leg up in the industry. Seeking a marketing initiative that realizes this persona sets them apart from the competition and guarantees a lasting identity in the industry.

Couto Homes

Marketing Partner

Lifestyle Campaign 1a

“Look Your Best”

This target campaign will focus on the lifestyle the Couto homes offer. Real time photography and video exhibit homeowners within the space, as well as interacting with it. Each instance is an opportunity for the viewer to picture themselves in a Couto Home. The campaign should feel inclusive, making the viewer feel a sense of familiarity and ease, while at the same time showcasing the Couto Home commitment to detail and luxury. These moments should feel both elevated and accessible, precious moments we aspire to have in our homes with a feeling of reassurance that this reality is attainable.

Barefoot Campus Outfitters

Marketing Partner

Target Campaign

“Outfit the Best Years of Your Life”

Key Term: Outfit, used as a verb, placed as a call to action, brand specific

Persona: College Students “Outfit Your Campus Life”

College students are diverse and very active. They are always looking for the next thing to identify with, a group or organization to be part of, and to explore these groups individually. They are individualists and at the same time have a pack mentality. As easily as they can be overwhelmingly influential as a group, they can also be fickle. They are certainly the most tech savvy of all the personas. Social media ads that are hyper specific and mobile friendly e-commerce will be particularly useful with this persona.

Standard Industrial Manufacturing

Marketing Partner

Brand Voice and Tone

The voice of Standard Industrial Manufacturing is strong and straightforward. Considering the industry, the voice needs to reach pump retailers and original equipment manufacturers, specifically. This is a tone that is loyal, proud, most importantly, accessible. The theme should be steady and knowledgeable while remaining straightforward. This is a demographic that is specific and active in an industry that fluctuates due to supply and demand. It is imperative that advertising and media remain consistent, defined and assertive. Seek a marketing initiative that will realize this influence and capitalize on it.

Palo Pinto General Hospital

Marketing Partner

Brand Positioning Campaign

“The Power of Wellness: Our Family Always Caring for Yours”

It is important to highlight family values, the value of good health habits, good health care, and taking care of the patients (medically). Focus on preparedness and preventative medicine. Talk about family values, the value of good health habits, good health care, and taking care of the community that supports you. Language and imagery will be centered around the characteristics of an oak tree: wise, strong, long lasting, dependable, and productive.

Lake Granbury Conference Center

Marketing Partner

Brand Focus

Education to the local market is key to this term’s initiatives, as well as event and lifestyle marketing. Focus on events that draw local interest. When presenting the benefits of Lake Granbury’s Conference Center, target campaigns and messaging should be inspired by local festivals, culture, nostalgia, and natural beauty. Seek a grounded and calming connection.


Marketing Partner

Brand Purpose

GreenSpace offers a modern solution to traditional workplace challenges. GreenSpace adopts the values of the pop art movement. It challenges tradition and includes imagery from popular and mass culture. At its core, the brand is simple. It is the purpose of the space to remain basic with a positive energy to equip and inspire the professional goals of the tenants. Relying on the pop art movement as our brand’s influence keeps the message relevant and edgy, even forward-thinking.

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