6 Horrors

You Must Know Before

Hiring a Marketing Agency (#3 Will Blow Your Mind!) 

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This exclusive report contains shocking information from 5 years of working in the agency world. The stories we’ve heard are jaw-dropping and we are releasing this guide to keep you from making a GIANT mistake!

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“I own a direct mail company so we have worked with Ad/Marketing firms in the roles of Vendor, Customer and Partner. Over the years of working with dozens of firms I developed some pre-conceived notions about the entire process and not all of them were positive. I was surprised and pleased to find in working with GreenFox my negative pre-conceptions were proven wrong. GreenFox is attentive, innovative, patient and over all a pleasure to work with. I can say with full confidence any one that chooses to work with them will be blown away by their customer service and quality of their work.”

– Justin Hammond

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