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Know Your Target Audience

A target audience is a crucial point in a business strategy. By determining who is the primary user or purchaser of your brand or product, you are able to strategically advertise directly to this group. A target audience is mutually beneficial to the client and the business because the business is spending money to target these individuals and the individuals are then spending money on your product or service. There are several strategies in determining who exactly your target audience is. Today, we will show you tips on how to identify your target audience.


Let’s address why a target audience is important and why it will ultimately help your business success. How you choose to communicate to your audience can effect how people perceive your company. By having a general target that you are trying to reach, your business model has more direction and consistency. The more narrowed your audience is, the deeper the connection you can achieve with your message.


A way to break it down is to think about what you have to offer to your audience, who would benefit most from what you are offering, why should they choose you over another business, and how can you get your brand in front of their face and have you be top-of-mind awareness. Consumers are selfish. They want to know what it is that you can do for them. They want you to be the cheapest option. And they want easy access to your product. Consumers want fast, effective, and cost efficient.


Now, we are going to figure out how to define your target market. The first step is to identify the needs and problems of your consumers. This can be achieved by getting into the mind of the consumer. What are some needs a consumer may be interested in? 24-hour service, delivery, children accommodations, handicap accessible, etc. Some problems that may occur is not enough parking, oversize vehicles, overbooked phone lines, limited stock etc. The next step is to analyze the current customers. What are some things that these clients have in common? Look at all the similarities, big and small. This can be anything from age, geographic, ethnicity, etc. If you have a very diverse client range, then you can experiment with customer segmentation to see which is most effective. Next, you will profile your competition. Observe their marketing platforms such as, their website, social media, print advertising, etc. and then decipher their best-selling product or feature. If you are able to take away their target audience from this, you may be able to determine a little bit about what your audience should be. If you are unable to determine their audience, then you can learn how to further distinguish your business from your competitors.


To better understand your target audience, your business should essentially consume itself with knowing the targeted population. This can include hosting events to get to know these individuals better, interact on social media, conduct search to determine what’s important to these people, etc. It is important to not only see how they interact with your business, but also in how they interact with other businesses and with each other.


Finally, use the data! By tracking your business websites with Google Analytics, you are able to determine your target audience organically. Google Analytics will identify your customers behavior patterns and see which pages and channels that are being used to access your website. You should use this information to leverage your marketing plans for success.


Having a target audience is an essential part of your business. You need to be able to connect to the right people that are interested in your product or service. If you are utilizing all relevant marketing material, as well as engaging your clients, you can succeed as a business. The goal is to make the most of your and the consumer’s time. Once you have your target marketed determined, you are now able to compose a marketing campaign plan to appeal to this audience. Once you prove to your target audience that you are reliable and effective, then more business outside your target market will be attracted to your success.

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