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October 9, 2019

Zeke Dorr Joins GreenFox as Chief Operating Officer

GreenFox, leading local marketing agency, today announced that entrepreneur Zeke Dorr has joined the agency as Chief Operating Officer. Zeke’s business endeavors include over four years experience as a licensed Real Estate Agent with Sotheby’s and Magnolia Realty with whom he’s quickly advanced as a leading agent in Hood County. In addition, Zeke is an accomplished musician, songwriter and Worship Leader at StoneWater Church.

Zeke brings a combination of enterprise and creativity that is valuable to the GreenFox team. Ensuring the success of GreenFox initiatives, Zeke will oversee ongoing processes and strategies, client relationships, and business development. He will also be instrumental in expanding the agency’s influence to the Metroplex and west.

GreenFox CEO Eric Wilkins explains, “We believe this alliance will set GreenFox up to see more success and we are motivated by this partnership with Zeke as part owner of GreenFox and Chief Operating Officer. Combining our resources and expertise gives us the ability to streamline the customer experience and the creative method as we evolve.”

We wish to reaffirm our commitment to building successful client relationships that are marked by trust, professionalism and compelling marketing campaigns that realize brand potential. At GreenFox, it is our mission to maintain a positive culture that attracts talent and inspires innovative marketing solutions.

Inquiries please contact Eric Wilkins.

Eric Wilkins, CEO



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