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You may have an email marketing strategy in place, but you may need to make adjustments if your click-through rate is underwhelming. The goal is to have email subscribers click your links; otherwise, it will affect your leads and sales statistics. Here are six ways to go about improving the click-through-rate of your business’ emails.

1. Write Captivating Subject Lines

Your email marketing strategy will come to a halt if you’re not able to get recipients to clink into the email. Just think about how many emails a day you get. Do you honestly read all of your emails? The email subject line determines the way most people choose to open an email. If it’s captivating, it’s opened; if it’s not, it goes in the trash. Write click-worthy subject lines for your emails that will get your audience to click. Make it personal and avoid having it sound like SPAM. Avoid yelling at them with all caps; instead, make the subject line actionable. Make it clear to your recipient what they can do in the email. Aim for the subject line to be 50 characters or less.

2. Make It A Recognizable Sender

Litmus states that 42% of people check out the sender’s name when deciding whether to open an email. If you haven’t met the recipient personally, which is typically the case, consider sending it with the name of their person that is well-known in your business. This would be the unofficial “spokesperson” of your business brand. If not, your business can make it personal by combining the sender’s name with the name of your business.

3. Include Social Sharing Options

According to Econsultancy, emails that include just one social sharing option generated 30% higher click-through rates than emails without any social sharing links. That click-through rate jumped to 55% higher with three or more social sharing options. If you provide information or an offer that your recipient can’t pass up, they will want to share it with their friends and family. Don’t rob them of the opportunity to share and possibly gain a lead.

4. Create Personalized Content

Tailor and personalize the content to the recipients. Your content must be short and sweet to keep from overwhelming them with unnecessary information. Know what part of the buying cycle your recipients are in. Learn the best way to communicate with your target audience depending if they are in the Awareness, Consideration, Decision, or Delight cycle.

5. Make Your Call-To-Action Crystal Clear

Remove distractions from your email. Resist the temptation to offer multiple offers in hopes that the audience will choose something. This creates an overwhelming experience and makes the call-to-action unclear. Think about the email’s objective and write your content around the thing you want your reader to do.

6. Make It Mobile-Optimized

We can’t stress enough how important it is to make your email template mobile-friendly. Seventy million U.S. consumers who access email through their mobile device, 43% check their email on it four or more times a day. The last thing you want is for your email to be designed for desktops and laptops only and have it look unprofessional on a mobile device. Losing credibility will impact your click-through rate.

Bottom Line

Email marketing is effective if you put the right efforts in place. It begins with getting your recipients to open your email with a captivating subject line and making it a recognizable sender. Once the email is open, the recipient will be engaged with personalized content and shareable social options. The way to finalize a click-through email is by making your call-to-action crystal clear. There shouldn’t be any misunderstandings as to what you want them to know or do. Adding these tips to your email marketing strategy will increase your click-through rate.

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