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FREE Money in Your Pocket Today

FREE Money In Your Pocket Today

So you own a business in a small town and you are just dying to get more leads and make more revenue. So, naturally, you find the avenues in which you can place your logo to “get your name out there,” right? Well, that may be what you have always done, however, if I could interject I would like to politely ask you to STOP! NOW! HURRRRRYYYY! This is one of the biggest money pits there is.

It has been proven that on a DAILY basis we hear and see over 3,000 marketing messages…Rewind, I said…on a DAILY basis we hear and see over 3,000 marketing messages per DAY! That’s insane! What’s more insane is that every day we fall for the trap that maybe, just maybe, if we put our logo on that golf hole, t-shirt, newspaper, team banner or anything else that people might just notice us.

Unfortunately, this is just not the case. In today’s world with the thousands of messages zooming past us, we MUST get more targeted in our messaging. You are better off spending your marketing dollars on things that have a call to action.

We recommend making certain that these things are in order before you EVER try to just throw your logo at things…

> Branding

Is your branding up to date? Don’t make the mistake of just assuming your branding is up to date. Ask someone, in fact, ask lots of people. People that will give you honest feedback and not just try to tell you “good job!”

> Website

Is your website design up to date? There are some MUST haves on your website. In case you missed it, check out this blog where we explain this in greater detail!

> Content

Is your content CLEAR on what you are asking people to do? This is often VERY overlooked. Most of the time you know the ins and outs of a product but no one else does. Instead of using fancy words, always use clear words. We like to use the phrase “Clear over cute.”

> Targeted Advertising

Do you have a TARGETED advertising plan? If I am a male in my 30’s, please do not try to sell me high heel shoes for teenagers. You are LITERALLY throwing your money away. This is why being targeted in your approach is SO important. Spend your marketing dollars wisely by sending the right message to the right people.

> Listings

Are your listings online current and accurate? This is one of those things that 95% of the time, business listings are incorrect and it is causing you to LOSE the game of search engine optimization (SEO). 

If the answer to ANY of the above questions is no, please steer clear of throwing money at putting your logo on the next YMCA banner or softball team shirt. Fix these other things first, it will allow your future marketing dollars to go much farther!


If you would like a professional look into fixing these problems, please send us a message info@greenfoxmarketing.net and we will contact you today to get you in the right direction!

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