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It is our goal to help your business finish 2020 strong in the fourth quarter. The beginning of the year is typically slow, and your business needs to set a plan in motion now to prepare for it. Use these end-of-year tips to refill the sales funnel and finish out the year strong while preparing for 2021.

Shorten Your Time-to-Market

The time-to-market period needs to be expedited in order to be effective. Your business doesn’t have enough time to allow long processes for campaign development and content production. Snapwire states that “if marketing campaigns don’t hit the market quickly enough, especially on social media, campaigns that had countless hours behind them are suddenly irrelevant, even though teams scrambled to put together marketing materials.” Make it your goal to get marketing strategies into the market as quickly as possible. It helps you stay relevant. A practical question to ask yourself as the marketing director or business owner is if there is anything you can outsource. This speeds up the development process and gives you the opportunity to focus on important marketing details.

Develop A Campaign

It’s not too late to start an end-of-year campaign. If your business is seasonal, identify what your audience needs in the wintertime versus springtime, etc. Define the fourth quarter goal and identify the gateway product of your business. Typically these can go hand-in-hand. Advertise your business product that brings in the most revenue and form the campaign around it. Emphasizing the most desirable product to spearhead the fourth quarter goal is key if there isn’t a new product or service to bring awareness to.

We recently decided to do this for GreenFox Marketing. We chose one of our gateway products, our websites, and decided to create a campaign around it to finish out the year strong while keeping next year in mind. We wanted to appeal to businesses, offering new websites for under $3,000. This appeals to those who are needing a new website or who need a refresh. Create an offer that would appeal to your business clientele. Think outside the box and make the target audience an offer that you can build a campaign around to gain momentum through the end of the year. If you don’t have a special offer or new product/service, you can turn your brand into a campaign and develop awareness.

ROI Measurement

The marketing process is digitalized to where you don’t have an excuse for not tracking which assets, channels, and markets are performing best for you. This is a great set up for 2021 and will also help in budgeting down the road. Focus on the metrics that matter most to you and how to measure them. Once you identify the important metrics, like impressions, clicks, and cost data, measure from Google, Facebook, and other channels to your CRM or revenue systems. Hubspot suggests to look beyond your lead number and start calculating the value of those leads.

Use All Your Business Channels

Take advantage of all the channels your business uses. Continue the company’s focus on trust-worthy content marketing in the following ways:

  • Video Content
  • Short Form, like TikTok
  • Social Stories
  • Shoppable Posts
  • Better Personalization through AI
  • Maximize Google Ads Smart Bidding
  • SERP Position Zero
  • Text
  • Text Messaging Directly to Targets

Bottom Line

This year has had unexpected changes, forcing businesses across the country to change how they interact, inform, and influence their current and future consumers. Make the last quarter of the year impactful through these intentional strategies and by adapting your digital marketing. It will fill your sales funnel to finish the year strong and prepare for 2021.

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