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Excuse Me, I Think You Forgot Your Why.

Picture this scenario.

You walk into the doctor’s office because they told you they are giving away an iPad to a lucky winner. As you walk through the door, the doctor meets you and says, “Are you ready for your surgery?”

What would you do? I would think I was a bit on a reality tv show. Then, the doctor states, “well, what if I showed you my certifications, would you be ready for surgery then?” UHHHHHH no. “Well, what if I show you how sharp my surgery tools are? Maybe some pictures of clients who are happy with the surgeries I have performed?” Mr. Doctor, sir, you are nuts….

This is exactly what we do for people in our business. We tell them they need our products and services and we show them they need us by telling them how great we are, or how the product works in a perfect way. However, we forget the most important thing. WHY. Why do people need your product or service?

Picture some of the big boys…Let’s take Apple. Their commercials are typically not a shot of their phones that say, “Buy our iPhone, we are the biggest company in the world.” No, they give you a compelling why! Check out this video, and see if you can determine what the why is and how they achieved it.

Did you catch it?

You love a lot of things and if you get this phone, those things that you love will be even more magnified! They helped you get to a conclusion of why you need to justify spending $1,000 on a phone.

Don’t just look at this and say “well yeah, but that’s Apple….” It’s the lazy way out and let’s face it, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been. (Thanks for the quote, Andy Stanley.)

Let’s say you own an HVAC company. Obviously, we all need heat and air. How could we show the, “why,” on your website?

As I write this, it is freezing cold in the middle of December. So instead of having the static picture of the AC unit with your logo (as most HVAC companies have), why don’t we update your website with an image of a family hanging around the Christmas tree with a text title that says, “No matter the season, we’ve got you covered!” Included with that relevant image, you are presenting a compelling why. You are telling the story of what someone’s family could look and feel like if their house was warm and comfortable by having that company’s HVAC system installed in your house.

Don’t forget your “why”! It’s too important!

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