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Covid-19 We’re here to help



Along with many of you, our company has been directly impacted by the change in economy due to COVID-19.  Our clients are each seeing some sort of effect or effects as well.
We want to do our best to walk through this season of uncertainty with those owners who are filled with questions about what do next.  
In trying to brainstorm what we could do to help, our team did what we do best and got creative. We here at GreenFox would like to extend our invitation to those business owners with questions to reach out and meet with our team of talented creatives, via online conferencing, to “team up” and consider what may be those “next steps” for this uncertain season we’re in.  Let me be clear, this is a completely free service we want to offer.  There is zero obligation to hire GreenFox Marketing for services.  

It is our goal in this season to stand alongside local businesses to do our part to be a company that serves well.  

If you’re interested in meeting with our team of creatives, please click the button below to get to our contact page and click “schedule a consultation.”
We’re all in this together and believe that when all of this passes, we will come out stronger as businesses and as communities. We believe that hope comes from the Lord and have faith that the best is yet to come.

Thank you,

Zeke Dorr
Chief Operating Officer 
GreenFox Marketing
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