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A lot of the time, you will gain email marketing tips about what marketers think your email should consist of, not subscribers. It can be hard to decipher what truly is the best email content that will get your target audience to participate in the call-to-action. When you or your marketing director create an email campaign, there must be a shift from your business incentives to your target audience’s motivations. They are not subscribing or opening your emails to help you out, so you need to set up your marketing email to provide what your audience is looking for. There are 4 ways your business can eliminate destructive elements in your email marketing campaigns, increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of your subscribers.

1. Bridging the Gap

As EmailMonks puts it, you could probably agree that an email to a marketer is about ROI, open & increase click-through rates, low unsubscribe rates, large subscriber base, improved customer touchpoint, and conversion rates. Though these are all reasonable things to consider, you cannot forget about the subscriber’s perception. For a subscriber, an email is about discounts, visually pleasing design, exclusivity, copy customization, and a hassle-free experience. See a large difference? To be successful with your email content, you must create it by bridging the gap.

2. Be the Expert

Give them what they want to know, and go a step further by giving them information they didn’t know they needed. Take note of what people typically ask about or the problem they need solved when they come to you for your service or product. It gets your target audience to view you as the expert, and trust is then developed.

3. Offer Discounts, Sales, or Freebies

Offers are effective if you don’t have a minor sale going on all the time. Consider doing a large sale, discount, or freebie every other month or every quarter. It keeps your audience subscribed because they know your business is good about offering them desirable perks. They also plan to shop or use your services during that time. We see it again and again that a significant promotion (over 10% off or even free queso) will satisfy your customers.

4. Personalize Content

First name personalization captures your audience’s attention but go a step further. Send a tailor-made email that resonates with your target audience. Make them feel special and like you’re listening to them, for example, giving them outfit suggestions if you’re a retail shop. According to EmailMonk, 91% of email marketers get improved open and click-through rates from email personalization. Your content must be short and sweet to keep from overwhelming them with unnecessary information. Know what part of the buying cycle your recipients are in. As EmailMonk suggests, ensure that every email you send is relevant to every subscriber based on their preferences, browsing and purchase history, or products left in their cart.

5. Attractive Call-To-Actions

Remove distractions from your email. Resist the temptation to offer multiple things at once in hopes that the audience will choose something. This creates an overwhelming experience and makes the call-to-action unclear. Think about the email’s objective and write your content around the thing you want your reader to do. Make sure you strategically create content, design, and graphics that are attractive to the target audience. You want to grab their attention to be curious about the CTA. Keep in mind that it must direct them to the proper place or provide what you say you will provide them with. There is nothing worse than confusing your audience and losing their interest.

6. Proofread Aggressively

Nowadays, there are so many helpful tools that can help with this. You should rely both on software and a human editor. Grammar software help with minor catches or even can guidance. Be sure to still have someone proofread your emails, preferably twice! Often, context is not something software can understand or pick up on, which is why we encourage it so that your content quality feels personal and not automated.


Your subscribers should be influencing your email marketing content creation and will create interest with your prospective audience. Script a foolproof email campaign by bridging the gap between what marketers think an email should contain and what the subscriber thinks. Offer expert content, discounts/freebies, personalized information, and attractive call-to-action. Apply these email content tips to your email marketing campaigns to enhance the chances of conversions.

At GreenFox, we know email marketing success is dependent on content creation. We work to improve the email marketing and campaign design for large and small businesses. Learn more about how GreenFox can help improve your email marketing strategy.

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