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We have artificial intelligence in our daily lives and may not even realize it. In digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) is doing a meta-analysis of broad-spectrum data sets and then using that data to make its own decisions. Techgrabyte shares “AI latecomers will find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage within the next several years.” It is a big deal that feels far out but is actually here. We are currently in it. If you own a business you absolutely can’t miss what’s going on right now in the AI field and how it is a part of the future of digital marketing.

One AI option that more and more business are turning to are chatbots. It has shown to improve user experience and automate communication with potential customers. Chatbots are not a new concept but now have more ability to have “real” conversations. It is improving UX (user experience) for marketers across all industries. We foresee it being a normal part of the average user experience. In fact, according to SharpSpring, 38% of people say they prefer to speak with a bot compared with a real human being. There are many ways that chatbots improve website UX; here are just a few.

1. Seamless 24/7 Contact

It is all about convenience when it comes to providing a stellar user experience. Chatbots provide support to customers ‘after hours’ and meet the audience’s desire to have information instantly. Chatbots are programmed to respond through naturally-developed conversation. Availability, whenever the customer needs assistance, adds a major value that overall improves website and company experience.

2. Better Digital Customer Service

Customer experience is only getting better because of AI, especially chatbots. The whole point of chatbots is to create a custom experience systematically and efficiently. Chatbots allow businesses to provide a more interactive and personalized purchase experience through an increasingly accurate ability to analyze consumer behavior. Most customers do not like calling customer support, so providing an easy and natural alternative will provide a better experience.

3. Interactive Branding

The good thing about chatbots is that your business has full control over programming them. Design chatbots around your brand personality and company voice and tone. The goal is to provide a cohesive impression for customers, so don’t be afraid to add humor or charm if it fits within your brand. Your business can be as straightforward or fun as you want. Use chatbots to leave a memorable impression.

4. Automating Lead Generation

Chatbots can be programmed to receive information, not just provide it. If included in the chat lineup, a chatbot can qualify a lead based on initial questions. We encourage your business to request an individual’s email address once qualified and gather this information for a sales rep. Chatbots help turn the manual process into an automated process.

5. Replace Irrelevant Technology

As previously stated, your target audience wants information fast and with minimal effort. The ease of retrieving information is attractive and is what makes your website UX better. Reinvent or replace the outdated technology on your website with chatbots. Think through how your current website and technology infrastructure’s design. If it is not providing easy support, replace it with relevant technology.

In Our Experience...

GreenFox has a client who gained a one million dollar lead because of chatbots incorporated in their website. Another significant impact it is making is through brand-focused chatbots in social messaging platforms; Facebook took the lead by creating a bot specifically designed for businesses to integrate into their messaging service. People want to be taken care of. It is important for them to feel like they are interacting with you at any time of the day. There are many options for chatbots to be integrated into your website.


The key to better UX is through better digital customer service, which can be easily implemented through chatbots. Using chatbots positively changes your digital architecture by providing 24/7 support, better digital customer support, making your brand interactive, automating leads, and replacing irrelevant technology. Verify that your chatbots include interaction style, menus and resource links, conversations that guide, carousels, and personalization.

At GreenFox, we know automated marketing through chatbots can improve your website user experience. We work to improve the digital marketing and technology infrastructure design for  large and small businesses. Learn more about how GreenFox can help improve your digital strategy through your user experience.

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