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Last year has shown to rock the social media landscape. 2021 has brought unexpected changes that your business can use to its advantage. Over the last few weeks, we dove into social media trends that your business should consider implementing. Some of the trends we shared with you may have been foreign, while others you may have seen but with a new twist. Look back at previous blogs as we made recommendations for your business digital strategy that can make your brand relevant this year.

Over the last few months, we covered the marketing strategies of remixing, memetic, nostalgic, conversational, adaptation, old-school marketing, and brand transparency. We wanted to wrap up the 2021 social media trends with socially conscious marketing. Last year’s hit of the pandemic revealed how the socially conscious generations, Generations Z and Alpha, had an impact on brands, society as a whole, and even politics. This year, companies are realizing that in order to refrain from becoming obsolete or irrelevant, they must engage more with socially conscious topics.

Analysis of Socially Conscious Trend

Hubspot says that “Politics, equality, education, mental health, finance, changing food trends are proliferant conversations on social media. These topics are critical to [the Z and Alpha] generations, and social media is their way to bring them to attention.” The rise of these socially conscious consumers is expected to grow since Gen-Z is now moving toward adulthood and will soon enter the workforce.

Align Your Brand with a Cause

According to Forbes in 2019, “88% of consumers want to support brands that have social causes aligned with their product/service.” It’s no longer acceptable to only have it included in your mission statement; it is now profitable to have purpose-driven campaigns. The number of consumers that expect action, not just lip-service, is rising and they gravitate towards companies that show it. Take a note from Nike, where they are using a socially conscious strategy that is making a difference with their powerful messaging.

Brand Connection to Your Audience

You must understand your target audience and discover the social issues they care about. Choose your topic wisely and make sure it lines up with your brand. Your business must be authentic and plan to take action toward the cause. Your target audience will sense if it is not sincere and write you off as a service/product option.

Make Your Marketing Mission-Focused

According to Hubspot, “A mission-led marketing campaign will connect with the audience on a more emotive level, creating stronger brand resonance.” Advertising is not seen the way it used to by Millennials and younger generations. They express that it doesn’t build trust and instead feels pushy. Focus on your business mission and build trust as a company that cares.

Go (Cautiously) All-Out

Take your time building out your socially conscious cause and strategy. It must be something your business feels passionate about and ties into your mission. Be fully committed to your chosen cause and go all out. Monitor responses. You won’t always please everyone but make sure the tone and timing of the message aren’t off.

Even If You Don’t Implement Socially Conscious Marketing…

If your business brand doesn’t market around a social issue or inclusivity, that doesn’t mean you won’t be dinged for not speaking out. Younger generations research if companies are making efforts toward issues. If a company is not, the chance they will become a customer decreases. There are times they can become negative if they find something that is not up to par, so make sure your website is up to date and relevant.

The Future of Socially Conscious Marketing

Brands have started shifting their marketing toward more cause-driven messaging. Brands that act superficially when it comes to socially conscious marketing will be called out by consumers and lose potential customers. Brands that authentically engage with issues that their customers care about will thrive with younger generations.

Bottom Line

As younger consumers become more socially conscious and express it on social media platforms, they are increasingly engaging with authentic brands that are making efforts toward change. Take that to your advantage and build trust with your audience through your business cause. For your business success, implementing socially conscious marketing into your business social media strategy is a wise move for 2021.

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