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Last year has shown to rock the social media landscape. 2021 has brought unexpected changes that your business can use to its advantage. Over the next few weeks, we are going to dive into social media trends that your business should consider implementing. Some of the trends we will share with you may be foreign, while others you may have seen but with a new twist. Follow along with us as we make recommendations for your business digital strategy that will make your brand relevant this year.

Over the last few weeks, we covered the marketing strategies of remixing, memetic, nostalgic, conversational, and adaptation. This week, we are focusing on how your business brand and social media marketing should adopt old-school strategies. Just like fashion trends, marketing techniques circulate and make a comeback, especially during times of uncertainty. In 2021, the rise of old-school marketing will occur with brands going back to a simpler way of communicating and engaging with consumers.

Analysis of Old-School Marketing Trend

Hubspot shares, “old-school marketing tactics such as newsletters and podcasts may lack the finesse of more recent methods, but they’re easy to establish by marketers and most importantly, easy to consume by customers. 55% of Americans now listen to podcasts, while newsletter mentions were up 14% during the lockdown.” This year, we will see continued growth in these methods.

Newsletters to Nurture Leads

Hubspot has shared that “31% of B2B marketers say newsletters are best for nurturing leads. With creative segmentation of your database, you can have hyper-personalized messaging that really cuts through to the information that your consumers are looking for.” Newsletters are a great way to increase customer loyalty and move prospects into the sales funnel. Be sure to effectively harness the power of newsletters.

Podcast Production

Podcasts have become a broad marketing tool. It is another effective old-school method to build consumer relationships. Feel free to get creative! Set up interviews with guests that your target audience would like to hear from. Use it as an opportunity to connect with prospective customers.

Multiple Points of Connection

Work across multiple channels. Combine newsletters and podcasts with TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook content. Bring on an omni-influencer who has multiple connection points with their audience. This is a great strategy for maximum engagement and impact.

Social Listening

Audio analysis ensures that you won’t miss a brand mention. Social listening is important, but with the rise of voice usage in podcasts and social media, spoken mentions could be missed. Collaborate with advanced social analytic platforms that include audio analysis.

Future of Old-School Marketing

Like trends mentioned in previous weeks, this social media strategy trend is about building communities. Hubspot states that “it isn’t about how the content is shared— it’s that the content is good and easy to access making for a great user experience. Expect brands to focus more on providing consumers with more content to fulfill their information voids with a particular focus on content over style.”

Bottom Line

With the absence of a physical office, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters allow a trust to be built up. There are a deep audience engagement and strong host/listener rapport that come with old-school marketing. For your business success, implementing old-school marketing into your business social media strategy is a wise move for 2021.

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